When we make decisions and behave in ways that meet our own values, we experience healthy self-esteem. This is why coming home to listen to ourselves is crucial in all that we do.


Too often we are handing over far too much of ourselves to people we perceive know us better than we do. It’s easy done. We have a lot of fear and we are desperate to feel safe so we do that clutching and grasping. I get it, who doesn’t want to feel safe right!? That feeling is so cozy and warm and freeing. We need to get ourselves as much of that as possible!

If we look back over the last 3 weeks of discussion around recurring questions, we can see that you’ve had very little feeling safe. You are scared about the origin of your symptoms, why they won’t stop or are getting worse, the anxiety around medical tests and investigations, and your fear of food. It’s no wonder your central nervous system is in a constant state of alert.


This is why your comfort and relaxation is at the top of my list when you consult with me. You’ve had enough of feeling unsafe; no more on my watch.

It’s not uncommon for clients in their first session to experience a level of relaxation they’ve not felt for a very long time. That’s the environment your body needs; to know it’s safe enough to soften, to know you don’t need to hold on so tightly. When your body relaxes, it sends a signal to your brain that you’re safe…and then everything just softens more. The more relaxed you are, the better your digestive system can function.

Relaxation can take some practice and that’s OK. If you’re not accustomed to it then you may also be afraid of it. That’s OK too. We can change that at your pace. The reason I’m banging on about relaxation so much is it’s the portal to coming home to yourself. You can’t be frantically all up in your head and simultaneously grounded. It’s one or the other.


Heady stuff is tiring, and messy and foggy and disjointed. It absolutely lacks clarity. Enter relaxation or meditation or yoga and you’re grounding down in to your body and breath. This place is quiet and centred and steady and clear. It’s expansive, soft, and certain. There’s so much clarity here. It’s here we are home. It is here we can listen to intuition and instinct, down in our body. It is only now we hear what we need and can be guided by it.

Now we are in relationship with ourselves.

Now we can ask some questions.

Now we can hear the answers.


What am I feeling right now?

What am I afraid of?

What am I believing?

What can I let go of?

What is contracting me?

What expands me?

What is helping me?

What is making me feel worse?

How do I feel about my symptoms?

What do I most need right now?

When you are plunged into the medical system for your gut symptoms, or any ailment, this listening is crucial; an open, curious listening that’s not drenched with fear, but instead full of instinct, intuition and guidance that meets your own values and needs.

This is coming home to yourself. The Internet cannot answer these questions for you, nor can another person. What I can and do is bring you home to yourself by facilitating these questions in this space. When you’re in this space, the answers naturally arise with such piercing clarity and insight that there’s no mistaking their validity. In this space, there’s no external grasping. All the answers you need are within you; you just needed someone to point you back there.

I believe in you.

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About the author

Michelle White offers 8 years of clinical experience in gut focused therapy and gut directed hypnotherapy through Happy Inside; the program, iPhone app and podcast.