App Update – for gut disorders PLUS chronic illness, pain, stress and anxiety

The Happy Inside iPhone app (and program and podcast) originally focused on gut disorders. While they still remain a big focus, the app now includes other chronic conditions, illness, pain, anxiety and stress.


Because gut disorders are just one way psychological and emotional factors present themselves in the body – there are many other avenues for the body to express them and it only seems fair that there’s support for this too. It’s all the same concept, just a different expression in the body.

So let’s go through the 3 main practices within the app and why are they so important.

The app has been developed over 9 years of clinical experience in gut-focused therapy and embodied psychotherapy. I’ve learnt that while each of you are an individual, there are common barriers and struggles that prevent you from getting better. So I’ve included those practices within the app to ensure you get the very best digital support.

Regulate the Nervous System– Your central nervous system is the main driver. Your thoughts are the accelerator and calming activities like meditation, relaxation etc are the brake. For anyone living with chronic anxiety, stress and physical conditions, there’s often too much acceleration so the first step is to put the brake on and slow things down.

Befriend the Body– you must do the work to build a healthy relationship with your body. No need to be afraid of it or blame it. Befriend it. It’s incredible how much it softens just through this. And the more reluctant you are to befriend it, the more you need to.

Quiet the Mind– Slow the thoughts and the body will follow.

A full instructional meditation practice is included to progress onto as a foundational daily practice.

The Happy Inside app is a component of the full Happy Inside program for people who don’t have access to individual support. The program provides individual support for your unique contributors to symptoms – we attend to, explore and resolve those so they no longer activate physical symptoms.

See, once your body is presenting with physical ailments resulting from stress, anxiety and unresolved emotional and psychological factors, you gotta resolve it through the body so the body stops the holding pattern. If you only talk your way through it in traditional talk therapy, the body may not have been supported to release it and symptoms may persist. That’s where the Happy Inside program and iPhone app do their magic, reaching right to the point where those symptoms are held in your body.

About the author

Michelle White offers 8 years of clinical experience in gut focused therapy and gut directed hypnotherapy through Happy Inside; the program, iPhone app and podcast.