053 | Your Gut Can’t Digest Emotions

Every emotion is valid. Emotions inform us about what’s important to you.

Emotions want to be seen, heard and felt, not stuffed down in your gut.

Your avoidance of emotions is also understandable and valid. Unless you were made to feel they were acceptable, and you were effectively modeled how to be with, explore, feel and express emotions, then they can be downright overwhelming and frightening. 

When you really feel, hear, acknowledge and allow your emotions, the body softens and I can bet you would welcome that. 

The Happy Inside Podcast is for you if you experience anxiety, stress, gut symptoms and disorders, IBS, IBD, SIBO, food intolerance, elimination diets, Low FODMAP dietary restrictions and chronic illness.

Happy Inside attends to the psychological, emotional and behavioural aspects of gut disorders and chronic illness; old wounds, life misalignments, the fear, anxiety and stress around symptoms, the hypervigilence, the limitations, restrictions and impacts these are having on your life – all those conversations you’ve been waiting to have are happening right here. I hear you and you’re not alone. 

About the author

Michelle White offers 11 years of clinical support in the psychological and behavioural aspects of gut disorders, chronic stress and anxiety and chronic illness through gut focused therapy and embodied psychotherapy.