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How to Book

Online bookings allow you to select times at your leisure. Please take a moment to read the booking preparations below.


If online booking is not for you, please feel welcome to phone.

Book Entire Program Upfront

This is simply to ensure appointment availability and does not relate to payment or commitment.

I get that commitment + anxiety are not great friends, so let me help with settling it; booking all your sessions is to ensure you can secure those times. You can cancel after your first session…just be sure to get in.

Return Required Forms

Once you book your appointments, you will receive an email confirmation.

Please read this thoroughly, complete the wellbeing history and consent forms and return no later than 48 hours prior to your initial appointment.

Payment Options

How you choose to pay is completely up to you.

You can pay as you go per session, or opt for the discount when you pay for the entire program upfront. 

All payments are made at the time of your consultation.

Cancellation Policy

When you book an appointment, this time is held for you. 

I kindly ask for 48 hours notice to be provided when cancelling or rescheduling appointments. This allows other clients the opportunity to fill your appointment time.

If you have booked online, you can use reschedule or cancel through your email confirmation so long as it is outside the 48 hours notice. You can also phone, text or email. 

If the required notice is not given, a cancellation fee of 100% of your appointment cost will be charged. Payment will be requested prior to your next appointment. 

Booking Requirements

Please note, no upfront payments are required. This is the only request:

If you are a new client and booking due to a gut disorder, then it is requested you book your 5 sessions for the Happy Inside Program upfront in order to secure those times. You can pay per session as you go or pay upfront in your first session, it’s up to you.

Booking for an individual consultation is only available for returning clients, or if you have arranged this prior.