Gut Focused Therapy

Your specialist and expert

Gastroenterologists are referring patients for gut focused therapy because it works.

How do you know it is for you?

  1. You have a diagnosed gut disorder
  2. Your symptoms cause you some form of distress

iPhone App

The very first gut directed hypnotherapy app

Quiet. Peaceful. Relaxed. Calm. 

Look no further.

In just 30 minutes from now your gut symptoms could be soothed, your physical tension reduced and you’re enjoying an inner calm you’ve desperately been seeking. 



The only gut focused therapy podcast

All the concepts, insights and strategies from 7 years of clinical experience in gut focused therapy to cultivate a rich and fulfilling life.



What About Me?

Who else I work with

You might not experience a gut disorder, but feel clinical hypnotherapy has something to offer you. On occasion, I work with people experiencing other ailments that the medical profession has been unable to resolve. 

Please send me a brief email about your circumstances so I can determine my helpfulness. 

Clients Who Reduce & Eliminate Symptoms via the Happy Inside program99%
Clients whose symptoms cause them psychological distress99%
Prevalence of anxiety in people with gut disorders98%
Client reported benefits from the low fodmap diet30%