Providing psychological and behavioural support for people experiencing gut disorders

by addressing unresolved stress, anxiety, emotions and life misalignments, regulating the brain-gut axis and digestive processes, and improving your relationship with your gut, body and food. 

The very heart of the work is bringing you home to yourself; to slow down, tune in and reconnect. 


A quick introduction

Happy Inside is the longest running psychological based gut program in Sydney, with 8 years of clinical experience in gut focused therapy and gut directed hypnotherapy, long before its recent acceptance as a beneficial treatment option for gut disorders. 

Based in Sydney, Happy Inside now works exclusively online, offering consultations across the world. 

Psychotherapy with Happy Inside distinguishes itself from all other gut directed hypnotherapy because it is the most comprehensive, dynamic and wholistic, working at the deepest level to resolve gut symptoms which are held in the body, not the mind.

The most important piece of information to understand about gut symptoms is this: they cannot be resolved through psychological “talk therapy” no matter how hard you try. Once symptoms have bypassed the mind into the body, they must be resolved there for lasting resolution. Anything else is just a bandaid. 

In addition to gut focused therapy, Michelle specialises in psychological support for people living with chronic illness and ailments, along with chronic stress and anxiety.

If you’ve got a psychological, emotional or physical imbalance of any sort that is contracting your body, expansion and resolution is right here.


Gut Focused Therapy

Your specialist and expert

Gastroenterologists are referring patients for gut focused therapy because it works.

How do you know it is for you?

  1. You have a diagnosed gut disorder
  2. Your symptoms cause you some form of distress

Chronic Illness

What is your body holding?

Chronic illness is wearing. It can cause emotional distress, or even be the result of stress. 

No amount of medication will heal those emotions and thoughts, but attending to them will. 

Thoughts are represented as emotions, and unresolved emotions become illness…until they are resolved. 



The only gut focused therapy podcast

All the concepts, insights and strategies from 8 years of clinical experience in gut focused therapy to cultivate a rich and fulfilling life.



iPhone App

The very first gut directed hypnotherapy app

Quiet. Peaceful. Relaxed. Calm. 

Look no further.

In just 30 minutes from now your gut symptoms could be soothed, your physical tension reduced and you’re enjoying an inner calm you’ve desperately been seeking. 

Clients Who Reduce & Eliminate Symptoms via the Happy Inside program99%
Clients whose symptoms cause them psychological distress99%
Prevalence of anxiety in people with gut disorders98%
Client reported benefits from the low fodmap diet30%
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