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Gut Directed Hypnotherapy

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The Happy Inside iPhone app was launched in 2015, as the very first app to offer scientifically proven gut directed hypnotherapy and imagery worldwide.

The app ensures every single person experiencing a gut disorder, chronic pain, illness, stress and anxiety has access to strategies and tools to overcome related symptoms.

This app is a component of the full Happy Inside program, rather than a replacement. 

  • 3 core practices
  • 6 week self commitment
  • For those unable to access the full Happy Inside program

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Soothed symptoms at your fingertips


Where can I buy the app?

Happy Inside is currently available for iPhone on the App Store for just $12.99 AUD

How do I use the app?

Please follow the instructions page within the app itself. 

Why can't I hear sound on the app?

The app was designed to mute all sound when your phone is on silent.

Please take your phone off silent mode for sound. 

When and where is it best used?

A quiet, uninterrupted space. 

On your lunch break, bus or train is not ideal and will not provide the greatest benefit. 

Can I use it to help me sleep?

The Happy Inside app is not a sleep aid, although improved sleep is a benefit. 

While it is deeply relaxing, your gut will not benefit you if you are asleep so please stay present and alert. 


I keep falling asleep, what should I do?

If you are falling asleep then you are drifting into a lulling place. 

Allow your body to relax while stay present and focused in your awareness. 

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