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42 | Symptoms are a Feedback Mechanism


I’ll let you in on the best secret around; your body is NOT against you.

And how about this concept; to honour the body and the information, messages, and insight it has to offer…including those symptoms you are so desperately trying to avoid.

A great deal of your resolution is right here within you.

41 | GUEST – Joe Leech Dietitian – An Approach Like No Other


Guest Interview with Dietitian and Nutritionist, Joe Leech.

Joe and I work along side each other to support you as a “whole person”. Joe’s is unique in his approach and offers the kind of care and support you deserve; to really be seen and heard.

40 | The Discomfort Gap


When we evolve, whether it’s health wise or psychologically, there’s a gap between point A (where we were) and point B (where we want to be). That gap can be incredibly uncomfortable.

It takes time to cross the gap, and we can do it with impatience and criticism or kindness and space; both will determine the quality of our journey and our self-esteem.

39 | Opening V’s Narrowing Attention


When we get worried and hypervigilent, our fear narrows our attention which means we only see part of the picture.

In this episode we discuss why and how this happens, and more importantly, how to open our awareness with curiosity.

38 | Your Gut is Designed to be Affected by Stress


Stress affects the gut; it’s meant to biologically.

If you’re stressed and your gut is upset, we can’t blame the gut – it’s attending to the source of stress that will make all the difference.

We talk about survival mode, the stress response (fight and flight) and why you’re trapped in this cycle.

37 | REACHING DEEP – The Wild Unplugging


On a recent first time solo campervanning trip I found myself reaching deep. Walk beside me as I share the insights I learnt, inclusive of fear, bliss, and stories of near electrocution.

Watch the video, full of Australian scenery and real-time personal vlogging; fears, insights, eyes-wide-open-excitement, fully arriving in myself, the Australian bush, kookaburras and the most pristine beaches and waterways.

Video here https://www.instagram.com/tv/CFlWvzrAY8I/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

36 | Behaviour Shaping


Each one of us has inbuilt behaviours, and sometimes they just aren’t serving us well. Shaping those behaviours into more effective ones is deeply rewarding, builds self-mastery and therefore self-esteem and self-respect.

And who doesn’t want more of those?

35 | Bowel Movement Hypervigilence


For people with gut disorders, the hypervigilence around bowel movements can become a focus and preoccupation that actually hinders the normal bowel function you’re desperately trying to achieve.

So how do you stop it?

034 | Relationship with Food


Food Anxiety? Hypervigilence about food? Afraid of food? Don’t know what to eat?

The above are all anxiety behaviours. They heighten your nervous system and upset your digestion and tolerance to food.

When you soften the anxiety, your symptoms will soften and your body will stop being hyper reactive to food.

Website mention @ 20:30 mins www.bellalindeman.com

033 | Where Can I Soften?


Softening is different to letting go. Letting go feels frightening, like a huge leap and it’s a one-time option that could go well or not, and feels risky.

But softening, well, that’s soft. It’s gentle and safe. It’s just loosening your grip slightly while you still hold yourself steady.

032 | App Update – for gut disorders PLUS chronic illness, pain, anxiety and stress


Happy Inside originally focused on gut disorders. While they still remain a big focus, the app now includes other chronic conditions, illness, pain, anxiety and stress.

Why? Because gut disorders are just one way psychological and emotional factors present themselves in the body; there are many other avenues for the body to express them and it only seems fair that there’s support for this too. It’s all the same concept, just a different expression in the body.

So let’s go through the 3 main practices within the app and why are they so important in overcoming symptoms.

031 | You Enrich Me, Yes YOU


Whether we work together in consultation, or have contact in some other way, you enrich my life.

Come and hear how amazing I think you are.

030 | What Would You Like?


We are all gifted the same amount of time in our week, and it is up to us how we spend that time – that goes for me too. In this episode I share why I’ve spent the last 6 months not podcasting, and how this relates to you, what offerings are on their way, and most importantly I ask “what it is you want?”

029 | Sitting with Yourself


You live within you so you can’t avoid you.

No more running from yourself, distracting and keeping so busy to avoid what you think you can’t tolerate. You can.

028 | How to Determine a Good Practitioner


Skills and experience alone are not enough when determining a good practitioner.

You want to look and feel for the “Goodness of fit”. It’s a relationship that fosters healthy psychological development and positive self-esteem and is based on the temperament and personality of each person in the relationship.

Here’s a run-down of those crucial elements that determine a good practitioner.

027 | 4 Crucial Questions for your Happiness


To be happy, you’ve got to start with the right questions.

When you know how you want to feel, you’ll start making choices and taking actions to bring those very feelings into your life.

These 4 crucial questions will change your perspective and life for the better.

026 | Emotions: Your Internal Environment


We have the freedom and power of choice. We can be annoyed at what’s happening in the spaces around us, or we can let that go and focus on creating an internal space that promotes wellness.  When our internal environment is content, it vastly changes how we see the external one, how we relate to it and how it affects us.

025 | Emotions: Where Unresolved Ones Go


Emotions aren’t tangible objects you pack into a box and store under the stairs or in the attic. You can’t just sweep them into a dustpan or out the front door. Emotions are energy within you and when you push that energy aside, you’re doing so inside your own body.

025 | Emotions: How they Effect your Gut


That link between your body and mind is unmistakable. You can’t switch off the connection between the mind and gut, but what you can do is create a really great friendship where the both of you thrive.

023 | Emotions – Representation of a Thought


Worrisome thoughts will generate the relevant feeling; stress, anxiety, worry, anger, resentment. If you want to feel something other than those, something more beneficial, you gotta get in the drivers seat and start thinking better quality thoughts.

022 | Recurring Questions: Coming Home


When we make decisions and behave in ways that meet our own values, we experience healthy self-esteem. This is why coming home to listen to ourselves is crucial in all that we do.

021 | Recurring Questions: External Grasping


We’ve got Google, apps, social media, books, articles, doctors, practitioners, workshops, health retreats, yoga, and the rest – there is no shortage of information or help out there that we engage with every day. It’s evident that we are seeking for something more.

Grasping though has a different feel to it; it comes from a place of fear. Two things happen when we grasp:

  1. We clutch at something outside of us
  2. We abandon ourselves

If you’re looking for a sense of safety and freedom and calm, there’s another way.

020 | Recurring Questions: Why Can’t I Stop My Gut Symptoms


You’re feeling even more disappointed, upset, frustrated, angry and discouraged than before because your gut symptoms just keep getting worse.

Join me as I share with you the very common pattern of behaviour that keeps symptoms in full swing, and even exacerbates them.

019 | Recurring Questions: Why Can’t I stop My Symptoms


“Do I really need IBS medication, what’s causing my gut symptoms?”

If you continue to ask yourself the same question without answering it, you in fact create a state of malaise, anxiety or even panic by letting it float around which mostly serves to exacerbate your symptoms.

So how do we stop this process from happening? Well, we either stop asking the question or we answer it.

018 | Scanning and Scrolling


All this scanning and scrolling is feeding in to our anxiety and idea that multi tasking is better. It’s pulling us away from our presence, and therefore, happiness.

And a note on scrolling and scanning – to the people who have the massive phone screens, we can read your feed!

017 | Pace Yourself

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses?

We are living a pace of life that is far beyond our capacities. We have abandoned ourselves for other ideals and it’s making us stressed and sick.

016 | Inside the Program

All those questions you have about the inside workings of the Happy Inside Program are answered here.

Here are the logistics of the program, how it works, what we do, how we spend each session, and of course, how we reduce and eliminate your distress and symptoms.

014 | Meditation Hurdles

Meditation doesn’t come without its challenges, and they are often the reason people never take it up, or abandon a new practice.

Knowing how to address those very hurdles will transform your current practice, or inspire you to begin.

013 | Anxiety Bowel Movements

There is a distinct difference between a bowel movement that occurs naturally and one that is activated by anxiety.

Recognising the difference is the first step in trusting your body, reducing your symptoms and experiencing freedom.

012 | Real Life Stories

Gut symptoms can develop from simple life stressors. The key word here is unresolved. Emotions are the body’s representation of a thought, and if those emotions are unresolved then the body will eventually give way by developing symptoms.

Maybe these real life stories relate to you, and provide valuable insight to some possible causes of your symptoms.

011 | Food Anxiety

– I’m afraid of food
– I don’t know what to eat anymore
– What if this food makes me unwell?
– Which food did I eat yesterday that’s caused todays symptoms?
– I’m too scared to try anything new

Any of these sound familiar to you?

In seeking the answers outwards, we have forgotten how to intuitively eat; to listen to and trust our own bodies.

010 | App Walkthrough

A walkthrough of the Happy Inside app to ensure you gain the greatest benefits.
– Creating the right environment
– How to engage in gut directed hypnotherapy
– What to do when your mind wanders
– Commitment is your greatest tool

009 | Environment

Your gut is dependant on the environment you create for it. Your mind speaks directly to your gut via the vagus nerve, and that communication is happening whether those messages are harmful or healing so if you want to feel better, it’s time to create a better environment.

008 | Stillness

When we do create stillness, it’s our own personal sanctuary. It’s a feeling of bliss, it’s a relief and a place we have access to and can visit as often as we like. Stillness brings us in to presence with ourselves so we can hear what is happening within.

003 | Interference Behaviours


Recognise what your interference behaviours are and how they are exacerbating your gut symptoms.
A must read – Gut by Giulia Enders

004 | Hypnotherapy v Hypnosis

The low down on stage hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy; what actually goes on in a stage show, why you won’t cluck like a chicken in clinical hypnotherapy, and how it all works.

005 | Meditation

Your gut is Irritated By Stress because the world in 2017 is hectic. I’ve got one word for you. Meditation. A must read – First, We Make the Beast Beautiful by Sarah Wilson

006 | Social Media

We have an increasing number of apps and devices available, yet we are more disconnected than ever before. The gravest disconnection this is causing is from ourselves. It’s not the device that’s the problem, it’s how we use it.

007 | Attitude Matters

At the end of the year we often reflect and make plans for an improved life the following year. The attitude in which you do this will determine your achievement, just like the attitude in which you treat your gut as it struggles with the overindulgence. Self-compassion is the starting point.

002 | Causes

Stress. It’s just one of the causes of gut symptoms. It can be the original cause, or stress can overtake and become the main reason symptoms are persisting. Either way, your body is giving you a clear message there is something out of balance to resolve for which gut focused therapy is the very treatment.

001 | Welcome

If you’re one of many people experiencing symptoms of IBS and other gut disorders, then you’re in the right place. This premiere episode shares the 7 years of clinical experience Michelle White has gained in gut focused therapy through her Mind Matters clinic, how she got there, and how this benefits you.