Immediate strategies

The Only Gut Therapy Podcast

11 years of clinical experience in one spot

We are lost. Searching outside ourselves for the solution.

A new medical practitioner, another opinion, more invasive tests, another dietary intervention – grasping and seeking outwards. 

Life is hard and if you’re here then your body is probably struggling to keep up.

To resolve symptoms, we need to soften the pronounced stress and anxiety that’s keeping your body in a stress response and affecting your nervous system and gut. 

The way you think about your physical symptoms, what you believe and feel about them, and how to you respond to them all play a substantial role in their expression. 

Most people experiencing gut disorders and chronic pain and illness feel angry, sad, resentful and irritated towards their body. That’s a relationship in desperate need of repair. 

The podcast is a culmination of 11 years of clinical experience right here in one place. All the greatest insights and strategies to help you overcome the stress, and related symptoms. 

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