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How to Book

Let’s make this nice and easy, and to be sure all your queries are answered.

Please feel welcome to phone me personally if you have burning questions prior to booking. 


Payment Options

All payments are made at the time of your consultation.

First Time Clients to Next Practice - GenBiome

It is imperative you arrive 45 mins earlier on your first visit only to complete the comprehensive and technology savvy paperless intake.

The incredible Patient Advocates will greet you, ensure your comfort, orient you to the clinic and get you set up. 

Cancellation Policy

When you book an appointment, this time is held for you. 

I kindly ask for 48 hours notice to be provided when cancelling or rescheduling appointments. This allows other clients the opportunity to fill your appointment time.

If you have booked online, you can use reschedule or cancel through your email confirmation so long as it is outside the 48 hours notice. You can also phone, text or email. 

If the required notice is not given, a cancellation fee of 100% of your appointment cost will be charged. Payment will be requested prior to your next appointment.