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Happy Inside Program

Gut focused therapy & gut directed imagery

There is an end to your symptoms. 

The Happy Inside program distinguishes itself from standard gut-directed hypnotherapy, which on its own is not enough to resolve your symptoms permanently.

No hypnotherapy is practiced here.

Gut focused therapy focuses on your unique needs. It’s listening to, hearing and seeing you.

You’ve given your best efforts to medical and dietary interventions, but have only come so far.

This is an avenue you’ve not reached in to before, and one your gut will thank you for.

We attend to the unique causes, emotions, reactions and beliefs that are effecting your gut through individualised gut focused therapy. 

It’s all about you. 

Gut Directed Imagery

Gut directed imagery is completed daily to facilitate relaxation of the busy conscious mind and central nervous system, and to regulate the brain gut axis and enteric nervous system of the gastrointestinal tract.

Gut Focused Therapy

Gut Focused Therapy is working in an embodied way to explore and resolve stressors unique to you that may be contributing to symptoms.

  • Starting with 6 x 60 minute one-on-one sessions (further sessions as required)
  • Daily 30 minute gut directed imagery at home
  • Program completed in as little as 5 weeks

The Happy Inside Program v's Standard Gut Directed Hypnotherapy

The Longest Running and Most Advanced Gut Program

11 years clinical experience puts Happy Inside at the forefront of gut focused therapy and gut directed imagery/ hypnotherapy (no hypnotherapy is practiced here).

As an specialist in the psychological and behavioural aspects of gut disorders, Happy Inside was the first to offer individualised gut focused therapy and provides the most beneficial, most effective and comprehensive gut program available.

And speaking of long, consultations are 60 mins to ensure you have time to be heard. 

Gut Focused Therapy Tailored To You

Standardised gut directed hypnotherapy on its own is not enough otherwise I could have saved the world from gut symptoms already just through the app. 

Your therapy is about you. You are human, you have complex thoughts, behaviours and emotions, and therefore need more tailored care. So in addition to gut directed imagery, the Happy Inside program specialises in gut focused therapy to attend to your unique needs. 

No band aid solutions here. We get right to the core of your worries, concerns and symptoms to ensure you’re happy, inside and out. 

It's About Much More Than Your Gut

You’ve had all the tests, your gut has been given the tick of approval. So what’s really going on?

I’ve never seen a client who’s gut was the problem. It’s life. Life is stressful beyond belief. Collectively and individually we are struggling and have become desperately disconnected from ourselves. 

Your poor gut is sending out flare signals which you don’t yet know how to listen to. You become overwhelmed with worry which exacerbates your symptoms, only to send you on an endless search for answers. 

What you don’t yet know is that the answers are right here within you.


How do I know if I need the Happy Inside program?

There are 2 basic criteria:

  1. You experience gut symptoms
  2. Your symptoms cause you some form of distress

No referral required.

Do You Work with Children?


Little ones up to the age of 12 do not complete the Happy Inside program.

Please book young ones in for individual sessions. 

How many sessions do I need?

The Happy Inside program begins with 6 x 60 minute sessions, with further sessions as required. Optimal results are achieved when the program is completed with consistency.

How much are the consultation fees?

Please see the fees page under Book Online

Can I claim sessions?

I very much wish you could. Given my work is wholistic, it encompasses much more than the narrow medical field and is therefore not eligible to claim.

Are sessions covered by Medicare?

Not as yet. Clinical hypnotherapy is not covered by Medicare. 

It is therefore not covered under a mental health care plan. 

Do you practice hypnotherapy?

No.  I developed and utilise dynamic embodied and somatic psychotherapeutic techniques that connect you with your whole self so we can resolve the symptoms your body is expressing. 

What is gut directed imagery?

It’s an advanced, highly effective and relaxing form of guided imagery that is directed at your digestive system to regulate its function. 

What if I feel nervous about therapy?

That’s normal, especially given it’s a new experience to you. 

I’ll answer all your questions about it, and make your comfort my priority. 

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