Michelle White

I’ve worked with people in distress for the past 17 years since the beginnings of my career in community mental health.

As a qualified counsellor, community worker, mental health worker, psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, mentor and meditation practitioner and facilitator, I offer you all I have to give and all that is to come.

Michelle White


You’ve arrived here for the exact reason I developed Happy Inside.

Many, many moons ago when I was critically ill with gut symptoms, I was beside myself with anxiety and couldn’t find a practitioner who offered what we now call gut focused therapy or gut directed hypnotherapy.

So I created it.

I’m a solutions-oriented kinda girl, never one to let a minuscule detail like that hold me back. 

12 years now I have believed in the efficacy of gut focused therapy.

I’ve pushed on even when the research wasn’t there, and now it’s all come to fruition. I thank the medical world for that, the researchers who completed the studies and the progressive medical professionals who acknowledge and validate the benefits of gut focused therapy and embodied therapy. Their belief offers this avenue for you. 

Whether it’s gut symptoms or another ailment or state of being, your body is experiencing and expressing your current inner landscape. I’m here to support you in creating the ideal environment for you that fosters a happy inside. 

My purpose is to guide you within

…to shine the light on your internal landscape, particularly to where your body keeps the score.

…to use embodied psychotherapy to navigate the landscape of your life, to understand who you are and what is out of balance.

…to practice listening to and trusting your body. Emotions are the body’s representation of a thought, while physical symptoms are the body’s representation of an uninvestigated emotion.

I will give you my presence: the kind of presence where you feel seen, heard and safe.

I will provide a space for you to slow down and turn inwards to the incredible insight within you. I will hold that space for you so that you may hold it for yourself.

I will show you the depth of your own capacity. I will help you to trust in yourself and will work with you to cultivate the skills and tools to do so.

I am wholly committed to your wellbeing and for you to have and feel the very best.

Michelle White

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